With an increase in interest and popularity in solar energy, countries like Australia are experiencing increasing developments when it comes to solar technology, and this includes solar panel optimisers.

What Is A Solar Optimiser?


A solar power optimiser is a type of device that is added to either a single or all the solar panels in that string. The aim of these devices involves increasing the overall output of solar installations, by bypassing shaded solar modules allowing these systems to operate at their highest potential. 


How Does An Optimiser Work?


Conventional or traditional solar panel systems are typically in strings or series of strings where each of the panels plugs into each other. Solar panels are usually located over specific areas such as roof-tops where tress, stink pipes, or antennas can result in unwanted shading. 

This is when a super optimiser can be used to bypass shaded solar modules which allow the system to carry on operating at its highest potential. These innovative power electronics significantly improve the output of the system. 

Purchasing The Best Solar Panel Optimisers


By now, you may be wondering whether you should have an optimiser installed, or include this type of smart energy with your solar panel purchase? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind to assess whether you need an optimiser or not:

  • If your roof is facing 1-3 ways without shade, then solar panel optimisers are not worth spending additional money on. However, if you want the most from the system, a solar panel optimiser installation can ensure you are getting up to 12% more power from the panels.
  •  If safety is one of your main concerns for your solar panel system, then DC optimisers or a micro-inverter is an excellent choice. These devices will shut the system down if a faulty circumstance arises.
  • If you are interested in monitoring the power output of each solar panel, then microinverters and optimisers allow for panel monitoring.
  • If your roof is complicated and it runs in several directions or it has many items over it such as flues or aerials, then an optimiser is also a good idea.

Solar Panel Optimisers

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Are Solar Optimisers Worth It?


Since solar panel optimisers are additional features to solar panel systems, they add on costs to the system. However, the benefits far outweigh the nominal price increase. The upfront initial cost of optimisers is usually offset by a fast return on your investment thanks to a consistent increase in operational efficiency. Optimisers allow the system to generate an energy output that is greater from the solar panels.


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Smart Optimisers FAQs

1.Which Is Better? Optimisers Or Microinverters?

Power optimisers and micro-inverters provide similar advantages but they perform in a different way. That is why some are better suited for roofs that run in different directions or for roofs with shading.

2.How Do I Install Solar Optimisers?

Only a professional should install your solar optimiser. When installing one of these devices, the solar electrician will install the optimiser according to the shaded solar panels where they are fitted under modules, attached to a solar-array frame. From here the solar panels are plugged into an optimiser.

3.How Frequently Do Solar Panels Require Maintenance?

Solar panels are durable, which means they require very little maintenance. We suggest cleaning your solar panels every 3 months to guarantee maximum efficiency.

4.Are Solar Panels Difficult To Maintain?

Solar panels are made for outdoor environments and are also designed to withstand all types of weather. However, you should give them a thorough clean at least once a year as leaves, dust, and bird droppings can affect their overall effectiveness.

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