Even though Malmsbury has a population of just over 900, more than 200 solar power systems have been installed here with a total capacity of more than 850 kW. The Australian average for solar power installation is 671 watts per person. In Malmsbury, 952 watts of solar power per person has already been installed. This simply shows that people in Malmsbury are already aware of the benefits of solar and have gone all in.

If you still haven’t thought about going solar, it is time for you to seriously consider it. Take advantage of the rebates and feed-in tariffs to bring down the cost of solar panels installation and your electricity bills. Don’t get left behind. Call Macedon Ranges Solar Power today to get a free quote for solar power installation in Malmsbury. 

Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Malmsbury

More than 200 homes and businesses have already taken advantage of solar power in Malmsbury. Solar panels generate green energy. Install enough solar panels and you will not only be able to fulfil your own needs but you might also be able to generate extra energy which can be sold back to the grid. When you sell energy to the grid, you get paid for each unit of electricity. This is known as feed-in tariff which is usually lower than the retail price you pay for taking electricity from the grid. However, it is still a significant amount and can help you save quite a bit of money on your utility bills.

There are a variety of solar panels available these days but modern day solar panels are much more efficient and require almost zero maintenance. Here at Macedon Ranges Solar Power, we take pride in more than 10 years of service in this industry. We have helped many households as well as businesses take advantage of solar power by helping them draw up a personalised plan to make the best use of solar power potential in their location.

If you are a business, it’s important to know that many businesses, all over Australia, are saving significant amounts of money by investing in solar power. Solar panel investment not only saves money on electricity costs but also helps you stand out among your competitors. Many businesses take pride in being green and you too can take advantage of this opportunity.

We offer numerous commercial leasing alternatives when it comes to solar power installation for businesses. Our technicians are also happy to help you take complete advantage of your investment in solar power systems through depreciation, mortgage interest and GST laws. Call us today to learn more about solar power options for your business and home.

Solar Energy Resources In Malmsbury

It is estimated that around 36% of the households in Malmsbury already have solar panels. As far as the average size of a solar energy system in Malmsbury is concerned, it is slightly less than 3 kW. 

When it comes to the solar energy generation potential in Malmsbury, a 5 kW solar panel installation should generate more than 6900 kWh of solar energy output each year. In short, a 5 kW PV system is typically enough to meet all the needs of a standard household in Malmsbury. In fact, it should generate around 20% higher energy than needed by a standard household. This excess energy can then be sold back to the grid in order to earn feed-in tariffs.

If you choose to install a 3 kW system, it should be able to meet around 70% of the annual electricity needs of the standard household by generating around 4100 kWh annually. Similarly, a 4 kW system should be able to generate more than 5500 kWh each year and a 6 kW system should be able to generate more than 8300 kWh each year.

When it comes to the rate of feed-in tariffs in Malmsbury, the feed-in tariff rate in Victoria ranges anywhere from $0.10-$0.20 per unit of electricity that is exported back to the grid. If you choose to invest in a 5 kW system and you are able to get a feed-in tariff of $0.10, you can expect to save around $1,000 each year.  

How To Find The Best Solar Panels For Your Home In Malmsbury

All the solar panels look the same to an untrained eye but there are quite a few differences that add up to a lot over the expected service life of the panels. This is why you shouldn’t go out and buy any panel assuming that all the panels will generate simpler output. Carefully consider the the factors below to get the best value for your money when choosing solar panels for your home: 

Accredited And Approved

The solar panel installer and retailer should be accredited and approved by the Clean Energy Council of Australia. The Clean Energy Council is the accrediting body for solar power systems. This simply means that the vendors on the list meet the necessary regulations for solar panels in Australia.


Choose an installer with many years of experience in the industry. They know how to choose the right number of solar panels to adequately meet your energy needs and the right way to install solar panels to generate maximum amount of electricity in a given space.

Panel Type

Two of the most popular types include monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. There is a small difference in terms of efficiency but the price difference isn’t usually worth the extra efficiency. There are many other types but mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline panels are the most popular options these days. 

Complete System

It is better to work with a company that offers all the other accessories such as good quality solar invertersgood quality smart meters, solar batteries and other accessories that will make your life easier.

Malmsbury Solar Energy Savings

It is a well-known fact that investment in solar panels should help you save money. As far as the average amount of savings is concerned, a 6 kW solar panel system should allow you to save more than $1,400 annually. The actual amount of saving depends on a multiple factors including feed-in tariff rate, self-consumption, weather conditions during the year and certain other factors. 

Want To Go Solar?

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