Woodend residents are generating more than $2.2 million worth of solar electricity annually and the number is increasing. People here are already aware of the many advantages of solar power. Currently, the per capita solar power installation in Woodend stands at more than 1,050 watts per person whereas the Australian average is just 671 watts.

You too can bring down your carbon footprint and electricity costs by investing in high-quality solar panels in Woodend. Don’t worry about the cost of solar panels as hefty rebates are being offered by the federal and state governments for solar panels. In fact, you might also qualify for an interest-free loan which should further bring down the cost of installation.

Macedon Ranges Solar Power has CEC accredited and approved technicians. We have been serving the communities in the Macedon Ranges region for more than a decade. We provide reliable and timely solar power installation, repair, and maintenance services to Woodend residents.

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Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Woodend

With a population just over 6,700, Woodend residents have already installed more than 1,300 small-scale solar power systems with a collectively installed capacity of more than 7,000 kW. Residents in this region are not only able to save a massive amount of money but they are also helping by cutting down annual carbon dioxide emissions by more than 10,000 tons.

You too can take advantage of the rebates and feed-in tariff, and become a part of the solar revolution that is gaining pace across Australia. The solar panels made by the top manufacturers in the world have impressive energy efficiency which means they are able to capture and convert around 15 to 21% of the sunlight into electricity. Also, maintenance is almost non-existent. These modern solar panels only need to be cleaned once in a while to keep producing electricity at high efficiency.

Solar panels for home use have the potential to save money in a couple of ways: personal use and feed-in tariffs. Needless to say, you will use the electricity generated by the panels directly for various purposes. You also have the option of investing in a solar battery to store the energy generated during the day to use at night. Also, any excess electricity generated through solar panels can be sold back to the grid to earn a feed-in tariff.

Businesses are also increasingly investing in solar power. We offer a variety of commercial leasing options for businesses. Business owners not only save money on electricity costs with solar power but can also get further financial benefits of depreciation, taxes and mortgage interest, among other things.

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Solar Energy Resources In Woodend

Woodend residents can potentially generate 4.39 kWh of solar electricity per square metre, per day. Almost 17% of the households in the Woodend region have installed solar panels. It is estimated that the average size of a solar power installation in Woodend is close to 3.4 kW.

If you invest in a 3 kW solar power system, it is expected to generate more than 4000 kWh of solar electricity each year. Typically, a 3 kW system is capable of meeting around 69% of the annual electricity demand of a standard household in Woodend.

A 5 kW solar power system is estimated to generate more than 6,700 kWh of solar electricity each year which is 15% more than the average annual electricity needs of a standard household. A 4 kW system should generate more than 5,300 kWh of solar electricity in Woodend.

A 6 kW solar power system is estimated to generate more than 8,000 kWh of solar electricity each year. In fact, a 6 kW solar panel system is capable of generating around 38% more electricity than needed by a standard household in Woodend. The excess electricity can be easily exported to the grid to make money through a feed-in tariff.

In the Woodend region, the feed-in tariff for surplus solar energy currently ranges from $0.10-$0.20 per kilowatt-hour.

How To Find The Best Solar Panels For Your Home In Woodend

There are a ton of choices when it comes to solar panels. Unfortunately, not everyone selling solar panels has your best interests in mind. A solar panel is one of the most crucial parts of a new installation but choosing the right one can quickly get overwhelming due to the sheer number of choices available.

Here are a few crucial factors you should always consider when choosing solar panels for your Woodend home:

Efficiency – This simply refers to the amount of sunlight energy that is captured by the solar panel. Higher efficiency means fewer solar panels are required for the same roof space. As far as the typical real-world solar panel efficiency is concerned, it currently ranges from around 15 to 21%. However, higher efficiency doesn’t always equate to best value for your money. Typically, efficiency over 15% is good for home use.

Quality and Warranty – There are different types of solar panels and checking the quality of solar panels is not easy. This is why you should, instead, rely on picking the right retailer and installer. Make sure there is an extended warranty offered by the manufacturer as well as the retailer for workmanship as well as materials.

Cost –  The standalone cost of solar panels does not make much sense. In the solar power industry, you generally get what you pay for. Low-cost solar panels are typically not reliable and perform poorly. As a general rule, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.67 to upwards of $1.6 per watt. However, you should look at the value you are getting for your money when comparing options. Macedon Ranges Solar Power offers solar panels only from the best manufacturers with an extensive warranty.

CEC Approved – Always make sure that the solar panel retailer and installer you pick is accredited and approved by the Clean Energy Council. CEC accreditation and approval doesn’t come easy and there are a selected number of installers that are on the approved list. Macedon Ranges Solar Power is approved and accredited by CEC.

Woodend Solar Energy Savings

The total solar energy savings for Woodend residents depend on various factors such as the rate of feed-in tariffs they get, self-consumption rate, number of solar panels, retail cost of electricity and certain other things. In numbers terms, a 6 kW solar power system installation is expected to save more than $1,350 annually for residents of Woodend when you consider an average feed-in tariff rate of $0.10 and a self-consumption rate of 50%. 

Solar Panel Installers In Woodend – Macedon Ranges Solar Power

We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Over the years, we have installed hundreds of solar power systems in the Macedon Ranges region. Our customers know us for customised and reliable solar power solutions.

All of our work is backed by a 100% guarantee. We sell products carefully selected from the best manufacturers in the world and we have been approved and accredited by the Clean Energy Council. We always build a customised plan for every single customer to ensure we capture the maximum solar energy potential at a location.

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