Riddells Creek boasts of more than 600 small-scale solar power system installations with more than 780 watts of solar power per capita which is much higher than the Australian average of 671 watts per person. With a population of just over 3700, Riddells Creek is far ahead of many other parts of the country when it comes to taking advantage of solar energy potential.

Many businesses and households have already taken advantage of the federal and state government rebates to bring down their initial cost of solar power installation. If you have been thinking about going solar, but still have some doubts, get in touch with Macedon Ranges Solar Power today.

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Commercial & Residential Solar Panels Riddells Creek

Riddells Creek is estimated to have slightly above 1,400 dwellings and out of these, more than 600 already have solar panels. With the rising cost of electricity, it makes financial sense to install solar. You do not need to pay the full price as rebates by the federal government as well as the Victorian government can bring down the initial cost substantially. You may also qualify for a no-interest loan.

The solar panels manufactured by Tier 1 manufacturers are highly energy-efficient and you don’t need to worry about their maintenance. Just clean them once every few months and they will continue to generate clean electricity for years to come. Macedon Ranges Solar Power has more than a decade of experience in the industry. We have installed hundreds of solar power systems. We offer solar panels from many Tier 1 manufacturers to make sure that you are able to capture maximum solar energy potential and get an excellent return on your investment.

Business owners are also warming up to the idea of savings brought about by solar power. Solar power for businesses not only helps in bringing down their operational costs but also provides them with a competitive edge. Consumers are increasingly flocking to businesses that are green and solar power can help your business go green.

Investment in solar panels makes financial sense for businesses as they can take further advantage of their investment through mortgage interest, depreciation and GST laws. For businesses, Macedon Ranges Solar Power offers a huge range of commercial leasing options.

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Solar Energy Resources In Riddells Creek

On average, residents in Riddells Creek can potentially capture 4.25 kWh of solar energy per square metre, each day. It is estimated that around a quarter of the households around the Riddells Creek region have solar power installations. When it comes to the average size of a solar energy system in the region, it is estimated to be around 3.36 kW.

Investment in a 5 kW solar power system is estimated to generate more than 6,500 kWh of solar energy output, each year. A 5 kW system is typically enough to meet the electricity needs of a standard household. In fact, a 5 kW system generates roughly 11% more electricity than the electricity needs of a standard household. 

A 6 kW system is estimated to generate more than 7,800 kWh of solar energy output annually. A 4 kW solar energy system is estimated to generate more than 5,200 kWh of annual solar energy whereas a 3 kW solar power system is estimated to generate more than 3,900 kWh, each year.

As far as the feed-in tariff rate in Riddells Creek is concerned, you can expect to fetch anywhere from $0.10-$0.20 for each unit of electricity sold back to the grid. In sheer numbers terms, you can expect to save around $1,000 each year with a 5 kW system and a feed-in tariff of $0.10. 

How To Find The Best Solar Panels For Your Home In Riddells Creek

There are hundreds of solar panel installers and retailers out there.  Choosing the right one can be an overwhelming experience. Visually, there isn’t much difference between different types of solar panels but you should know that not all solar panels are the same in terms of efficiency, service life, after-sales service, and other important factors. Residents in Riddells Creek should be aware of certain things that are important in order to get the best return on their investment in solar power.

CEC Accreditation and Approval – Clean Energy Council is the foremost accreditation authority in Australia. All the photovoltaic panels listed on its website have been fire tested which means all the panels in that list are reliable and safe. Macedon Ranges Solar Power has been approved and accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

Reliability – Most solar panel retailers and installers offer many years of warranty. Unfortunately, more than a third of such installers have simply vanished since 2011. Buyers who have bought solar panels from these retailers don’t have anywhere to go when it comes to after-sales service. This is why it’s important to choose an installer with many years of experience, and a reputation for integrity and reliability.

Solar Panel Type – Currently, more than 5,400 products are listed on the website of the Clean Energy Council. Needless to say, choosing the right product can get tricky for homeowners. It is better to choose a retailer and installer that offers products from Tier 1 manufacturers of solar panels. Macedon Ranges Solar Power offers solar panels only from the Tier 1 manufacturers. You don’t need to worry about reliability or any other issues when you buy from us.

Various Accessories – Solar panels are only a part of the complete system. Certain other products such as a solar battery or a smart meter can help you get more out of your solar panel installation. Choose a company that offers various high-quality accessories along with solar panels to get a complete package.

Riddells Creek Solar Energy Savings

The total solar energy savings you can expect to make in Riddells Creek with appropriate solar system installation depends on many factors including the self-consumption rate, feed-in tariff rate, weather conditions throughout the year, amount of rebates, size of the system, and some other things. With a 6 kW solar power system, residents in Riddells Creek can expect to save more than $1,300 annually. 

Solar Panel Installers In Riddells Creek – Macedon Ranges Solar Power

Macedon Ranges Solar Power is a locally owned and operated business. We have been serving the communities in the Macedon Ranges region for more than 10 years. We have successfully installed hundreds of solar power systems for home and business use. We also offer repair and maintenance services for solar panels.

We believe in providing the best quality products to our customers, at the right price. This is why we sell products only from the best manufacturers. All our products are backed by our extensive warranty. We believe in providing personalised service to each of our clients. When you call us, our technicians will inspect your site to come up with a personal plan in order to help you get maximum return on your investment.

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