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New electricity smart meters are being rolled out across the country. If you’re building a new house, or you are looking to replace your existing electricity meter, we highly recommend that you get a smart power meter.

Macedon Ranges Solar Power offers smart electricity and power meters. A smart meter can help you take control of your electricity bill.

What Is A Smart Meter?


A smart meter is a power reading and monitoring device, similar to the traditional power meter installed in most residential and commercial properties, which offers readings on power usage. Installing a smart meter is an excellent way to take charge of your power usage and manage your energy bills more effectively.


A smart meter monitors your power usage in real-time. The device can automatically send readings to you and/or your electricity provider. You can monitor and track your power usage on your phone via an app or web portal. Smart meters also come with screens that display information on your power usage.

Smart meters are typically installed where traditional meters used to be, so they require no additional space or resources to operate. They also consume around the same amount of power as traditional meters.


Benefits Of Using Smart Meters For Solar Systems

Smart meter usage is expected to triple by the year 2025. As with most cutting-edge innovations, the effectiveness of a smart meter is dependent less on the physical device itself and more on its connectivity capability. 

Because crucial information is transmitted automatically to users and power companies, the meter acts as a channel or sorts and this means that the device should be capable of being accurate, consistent and secure. Due to these requirements, consumers should ensure that their smart meters for solar systems include the following communication and physical features:

Low Power Usage

The best smart meters are those that consume the least amount of power. Low-power usage technology does not only help to lower your power bills but is also good for the environment. Consuming less power also helps to prolong the lifespan of a smart meter as well as minimise maintenance requirements. 

Supporting Technology

You should invest in a smart meter that includes supporting technology for your electrical system. Specific models may not include certain technology that may limit your ability to monitor, track and access real-time readings.

Software Updates

Like other smart gadgets, smart meters require regular software updates to operate in optimal condition. Smart meters come with inbuilt proprietary software that is offered by specific manufacturers. It is critical to ask about future software updates and how they are delivered.

Best Smart Meters In Australia

There are currently different brands and models of smart meters in use all across the country. When making a decision on which smart meter to buy, it is crucial to consider your specific needs and requirements. It is also important to know whether you are a normal or heavy power user. This information can be communicated to your power provider who may be in a position to make recommendations on the best smart meters for your home or business. 


In general, most smart meters last about 10 years or so. Some manufacturers of smart meters offer a warranty or guarantee of longevity. You should take the necessary steps to ensure that your preferred smart meter comes with a valid warranty. Choosing well-known brands that have been tried and tested is definitely the way to go. 


It is important also to consider how secure a smart meter is before making a purchase. Security encompasses both hardware and software aspects of the device. Levels of security may vary based on the manufacturer and model of smart meter you purchase. 


Your preferred smart meter should come with comprehensive technical support in case any issues or problems arise. Because this is still a relatively new innovation, it is important to confirm whether the smart meter manufacturer offers professional and/or technical support for their products.

Is It Worth Getting A Smart Meter?


Whether or not you want to install a smart meter, these devices are here to stay. Smart meters can help you save money on energy bills by allowing you to monitor your usage and adjust your levels of consumption accordingly. Smart meters are more accurate than traditional meters, and you don’t have to deal with estimated readings anymore.

At Macedon Ranges Solar Power, we strongly believe that the benefits of installing smart meters outweigh any risks associated with this new innovation. We highly recommend that our clients install smart meters in their homes and businesses in order to enjoy huge energy savings. However, it is important to note that a smart meter is only going to help you save money if you are diligent and conscious of your consumption habits. Having a smart meter can definitely help you in this endeavour.


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    Smart Meters FAQs

    1.Are there any disadvantages to smart meters?

    There are some disadvantages like a higher risk of privacy and security breaches. However, these risks are minimal.

    2.What does a smart meter do?

    A smart meter monitors your power usage in real-time and automatically sends you accurate readings wherever you are.

    3.Why are my bills higher with a smart meter?

    A smart meter may consume slightly more energy than an analogue meter which may affect your bills.

    4.Do smart meters use WIFI?

    Some models of smart meters have WiFi capability to enable remote communication.

    5.Am I legally required to have a smart meter installed?

    Some states, like Victoria, have made it mandatory for users to install smart meters.

    6.Do you need a phone line for a smart meter?

    A smart meter may use a phone line for communication if you don’t have an internet connection in your home.

    7.How do you stop a smart meter from transmitting?

    You can use various methods like Electromagnetic Filtering or going off the grid.