Macedon Ranges Solar Power offers reliable and accurate solar monitoring systems that allow you to monitor and track the performance and output of your solar system. Our solar wifi inverters can automatically detect faults within your solar system and send alerts to your phone for immediate action.

No wiring or hardware is needed to transmit data from the solar optimisers to the inverter. Monitoring sensors and transmitters are built into the solar inverter, and information is transmitted over wifi.

Monitoring your solar system’s performance is an important consideration. A Solar Wi-Fi Inverter is the solution! A solar wifi inverter gives you peace of mind that your solar power system is operating as it should. Call Macedon Ranges Solar Power today!

What Is A Solar Wifi Inverter?


A solar wifi inverter is a device that records power flow and keeps a record of the flow over time. The device includes an interface that lets you look up all the necessary information regarding your solar power system.

A solar wifi inverter can help you track your system’s performance over time, troubleshoot problems quickly and conveniently, and track your investment’s financial performance. 


How Do Wifi Monitors Work?


Solar wifi monitoring system check whether your system is producing power and compares this production over time to what you expected it to be. Solar monitoring systems show real-time and historical solar production data. The system can track the production of individual solar panels within an array, and help identify issues to boost system yield and performance. 

Purchasing The Best Inverter For Wifi


Below are 5 things to consider when buying solar optimisers:

  • Wifi Connectivity
  • Compatibility with existing system
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Accuracy and Reliability
  • Equipment warranties and guarantees

Solar Wifi Monitoring Systems

We offer a wide variety of solar wifi inventors, solar optimisers, solar monitoring sensors and solar wifi monitoring devices. All our devices are fully certified and approved for use in both domestic and commercial/industrial solar power systems. Our solar monitoring systems are also ideal for use in large-scale solar projects and solar farms.

Why Buy From Macedon Ranges Solar Power


You can enjoy full visibility and 24/7 access to your solar system’s technical and financial performance, including power output and usage. Our solar monitoring systems include features like:

  • Automatic alerts on systems issues
  • Remote access and troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive system data, including historical and aggregate power generation and consumption analysis
  • Easy access from a computer, smartphone or tablet

All these features allow system owners, maintenance staff, installers and integrators to improve system performance, boost system yield, maximise solar power harvesting and reduce maintenance costs by enhancing system up-time and resolving issues more effectively. 


Would you like to remove the guesswork from choosing the right solar system for you?

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Want To Go Solar?

In the process, we will help you save thousands of dollars annually on your energy bills with high-quality solar power systems.

    Solar Wifi Inverter FAQs

    1.How can I monitor my solar system?

    Macedon Ranges Solar Power systems come with specialised monitoring software that allows you to either physically monitor your solar system at home or remotely monitor your system through an app. 

    2.How do I connect my solar system to my Wifi?

    Macedon Ranges Solar Power systems include solar inverters that have built-in wifi and app-based monitoring capabilities which allow you to monitor solar generation and electricity usage from any place in the world. All you need is an internet connection to check whether your solar system is operating at optimal efficiency.

    3.How much does a solar monitoring system cost?

    A typically solar monitoring system can go for around $300 to $500 depending on its features and specifications.