5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy


Changing to solar power is certainly a shrewd decision. You can minimise the environmental footprint of your home while also considerably decreasing your power costs by just setting up a fully operational solar system.

Still, like any major investment, you should be looking to get the best value for the money spent. Fortunately, with regard to solar power systems for businesses and households in the Macedon Ranges region, Macedon Ranges Solar Power is the go-to service provider.


Why Pick Macedon Ranges Solar Power Solar Systems

We Go The Extra Mile

Our goal is to ensure that we deliver the best service to all our clients. This is why we always go above and beyond when undertaking any solar installation project, regardless of how small or big it may be.

Exceptional Customer Support

Providing outstanding customer support is at the core of our business model at Macedon Ranges Solar Power. We know all too well that we wouldn’t have reached where we are now without having a good relationship with our clients.

Custom Solutions

We take immense pride in delivering tailored solar power solutions for certain businesses and homes. You can be certain that the solar power unit we set up in your business or residence will fit your specific requirements and needs. 

State-of-the-art Solar Power Systems

Our collection only features up-to-date and the most technologically advanced solar systems.

Our Systems Are Easy To Use And Reliable

We make a point of providing systems and equipment that are both easy to use and reliable.

Expert Technical Support 24/7

We provide technical support round the clock so you can be sure that we can help you whenever you need it.

Quick Solar Panel Repair And Installation Services

We take pride in being among the leading solar panel mounting service providers in the Macedon Ranges region. You can expect our services to be versatile, durable, and effective. 

Unbeatable Prices

If you’re concerned about shelling out too much cash to install a solar power unit, don’t fret because we are at hand to make sure that receive the value for your money with our very competitive pricing.

No Obligation Consultations And Free Quotes

We provide no-obligation consultation services and complimentary quotes to all our customers. 

5 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Solar Power System

What Kind Of Output Functioning Should I Expect From This System?


Depending on your power requirements, this is an integral inquiry to make but sadly, there’s no clear-cut answer to this question. Everything will depend on the kind of battery bank your set up. Add to this the capability and size of the battery, and it will begin making sense why there’s no clear-cut answer for this.

Are There Other Methods I Can Use To Save Power In My Business Or Home?


Chances are that the whole reason for you to invest in solar energy is to reduce your power expenses. If this is the scenario, it’s recommended that you inquire from your solar provider if they can assist you to find other methods of saving power in your business or home. Other techniques you can employ to save power include:

Acquiring an efficient hot water unit.

Examining the efficiency of your AC unit.

Getting more efficient and better lighting solutions.

Where Do You Source Your Solar Equipment?


It is advisable that you inquire from your solar provider where they get their solar unit. Putting your money into low-quality solar equipment can result in massive losses. For this reason, it’s integral that you receive information on the manufacturers of the solar unit that will be set up on your property.

Can I Upgrade The System In Future?


Chances are that your energy and power needs will increase as time lapses. Taking that into account, plan for the future by fitting a system that can be upgraded or expanded in the event your power requirements rise. So make sure to inquire if the system you set up on your premises can be upgraded.

What Type Of After-Sales Care Services Do You Offer?


Solar power units require routine maintenance and care to improve efficiency. A reputable solar provider will not only assist you to set up a fully operational solar power unit in your business or home but will also provide after-sales services when you require them. What’s more, you should make sure to ask about the exact warranties a system provides in case of future problems.

From the information provided above, we believe you will know the essential questions to ask before shelling out your hard-earned money on a solar unit for your business or home.