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The #1 Solar Company in
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Macedon Ranges Solar Power

Solar power has many benefits to you and the environment. Macedon Ranges Solar Power provides affordable solar in Gisborne, available to homeowners and business owners alike. Our mission is to make solar power widely accessible. 

In the past decade, we have helped numerous families and local businesses. Our team of seasoned and highly skilled electrical contractors has all obtained the necessary training and is fully certified to deal with all your domestic and commercial electrical needs.

Solar Power In Macedon Ranges

Solar energy is among the most favoured alternatives over fossil fuels for the long haul, particularly in Australia where there’s an ample amount of sunlight across the year. There are numerous economic and ecological advantages, but it is all contingent on performance on the ground.

Research done in Australia shows that energy obtained from solar today could probably generate as much as 60% of the energy requirements of the country for several years to come. This could greatly decrease greenhouse gas releases and reliance on diminishing fossil fuels. Currently, solar is largely used in remote areas and also for solar-thermal water heating. Solar PV is also playing an integral part in generating electricity off-grid.


Macedon Ranges local solar company trusted by the community

Macedon Ranges local solar company trusted
by the community

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    Why Are Solar System Installations So Important?

    Investing in a solar system installation in the Macedon Ranges region assists you in harnessing enough energy from sunlight to meet most of your electricity needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Solar energy has the power to virtually generate a limitless supply of electricity. It has become widely known that the sun is one of the most integral sources of energy in the planet’s transition to clean energy sources. There are various advantages associated with opting to use solar power. Here are some of the most important:

    Remarkable decrease in your electricity bills

    Helps with maintaining the atmosphere

    Assists you in managing the amount of energy you are generating

    Ensures that your house stays connected during a power outage

    Raises your property value

    Pure clean energy, renewable, and decreases our dependence on fossil fuels

    Australia's Solar Energy Use

    Presently, there are more than 2 million solar PV rooftop systems throughout Australia. These systems provide power to more than 21% of homes in Australia by producing electricity using solar panels on their roofing with a capacity of about 10 GW (total).

    Macedon Ranges Solar Power

    To ascertain that you select a top-tier solar unit that will enhance energy efficiency in your house in a significant manner, Macedon Ranges Solar Power is your licensed and local renewable energy professional for new solar system fittings, storage, repairs, and solar upgrades. We offer a wide selection of electrical services that encompass installations or solar units to fit various residential and commercial requirements.

    Solar Systems

    Our team of electrical contractors are highly-skilled and fully accredited. They are here to assist you in making the right choices when you decide to go green and shift to solar power. It’s important to note that Australia experiences more than 2,800 hours of sunshine annually. With this adequate renewable source of energy, it’s no surprise that homeowners are reducing their reliance on fossil fuels such as gas and coal to embrace solar energy. 

    Solar Power Professionals

    Macedon Ranges Solar Power is on a mission to advocate for climate change in a big way by helping the residents of the Macedon Ranges to harness the power of renewable and natural sources like the sun to generate clean power. By shifting to a highly-efficient solar system, Australians can help in reducing Australia’s overall carbon footprint. 

    When it comes to large investments, homeowners and businesses alike would naturally like to see a return on their investment. Solar is definitely a long-term investment that will reduce energy bills and will also counterbalance electricity price increases in the long run. Additionally, you can expect to see this investment significantly raise the overall value of your home.

    Our solar technicians are here to help you when it comes to selecting the number of solar panels you will require to meet your consumption requirements. This will make sure the system is producing an adequate electricity supply without having to pay more than you require up-front. We will also give you our honest opinion when it comes to the positioning of your panels and will tell you the best installation point that will harness the full power of the sun.

    We will consider things like trees or objects that may potentially cast a shadow and affect the efficiency of the solar system. Our electrical contractors will also give you the advice you require on methods to schedule the electricity that you’re using during the day when the solar units are producing optimum electricity.

    Solar Energy In Macedon Ranges

    When you decide to go solar and install solar panels and solar battery storage, you will be using free, renewable, clean, and easily accessible energy from the sun to meet all your electrical needs. With the constant threat of obliterating global natural resources, now is the best time to go green. With regard to solar energy, you can use boundless amounts of energy without feeling guilty.


    At Macedon Ranges Solar Power we take immense pride in our workmanship. By taking advantage of our vast experience and knowledge of solar energy in this industry you can be certain that our company always provides long-term and cost-effective solutions to meet all your solar energy requirements.

    We value customer service very much, which is why we are renowned for offering professional guidance when it comes to assisting every one of our clients to select the right products that will meet and exceed their expectations. We also make a point of complying with Australian Standards when it comes to materials used and installation. What’s more, our staff is fully competent at their craft in solar panel installation and are all fully licensed and qualified. You can depend on our expertise to deliver you premium solar installation and help you play your part in saving the world.