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About our Residential Services

At Macedon Ranges Solar, we know that your home and energy needs are unique.

Unlike many solar companies that will provide a stock-standard quote over the phone, we believe it’s important to visit you in your home, so that we can assess your family’s particular energy needs and develop a solar power system that is tailored for you. An on-site inspection also allows us to check your existing power supply and to determine the most suitable position for solar panels on your roof.

Armed with this information, we will be able to recommend the solar power system that will best meet your daily electrical consumption, as well as determine the orientation of your solar panels to ensure maximum solar recovery.

We’ll also be able to supply you with an optional Smart Meter that allows you to monitor in ‘real time’ the solar power being generated from your system, the usage of power in your home and the power being supplied back into the grid. Enjoy the empowering ability to control your own energy development and consumption!

We’re happy to spend time with you to demystify solar power, explain what makes up a solar power system and tell you more about our No Upfront Cost package.

Give us a call on 1300 693 113 to request a no obligation quote and to discuss your needs.


Energy of the Future
Energy of the Future
Energy of the Future

After Service Support

As a local, community-based business, we are passionate about providing high-quality solar brands and responsive post-installation services. Many of our systems can be monitored remotely with email alerts notifying us of any performance issues. In the event of a problem, we’re just down the road.


Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Macedon Ranges Solar has Installed, Repaired and Maintained a broad range of solar power systems. If you have a system that has aged and you are concerned about performance levels or are interested in getting advice on upgrading an existing solar system, just phone 1300 693 113 to book a service call with one of our friendly technicians.

Energy of the Future

Solar System Issue?

Contact us for a solution!


We’ve had 2 systems installed by Luke and his team and many years later the panels are still delivering the savings we expected

Les Bone

Great group of boys would recommend them to anyone that’s thinking of getting solar panels!

Zane Booth-Bruscino

Macedon Ranges Solar Power offerred excellent service and communication. I was extremely impressed with the after sales follow up / support after having initial questions. I would definately recommend this company based on their products and professionalism.

Nicholas Morelli

Excellent service throughout. Pleasant and hard-working team. Could not be more pleased with the job.

Colin Fiford