The Benefits And Process Of Installing Solar Panels

Installing Solar Energy Systems


Human beings need to start envisioning a future powered by clean energy with solar power playing a central role. All human activities require an energy source to run, and, until now, we have relied on fossil fuels for the energy needed for industrial advancement. Nonetheless, the sun provides much more energy than we can ever possibly require and will continue to do so for the next few billion years.

As you already know, solar energy is a renewable energy source. However, the greatest limitation is our ability to transform it into a useful form of energy, like electricity, in a cost-effective way. There is an increasing number of Australians installing solar panels every year. Presently, the country has a total capacity of over 18.5 GW and 2.56 million clusters of solar panel installations.

At Macedon Ranges Solar Power, our professional focus is offering quality solar power solutions to our clients in the Macedon Ranges region. Call us today and learn more about the opportunities in solar energy.

Solar Energy Systems

Why Work With Macedon Ranges Solar Power?

We are committed to guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction and delivering our promises to clients at all times.

We work with the best solar product manufacturers in the world to ensure we offer the best quality to our clients. In addition, we provide an extensive warranty on all our products.

One of our objectives is to educate our clients on the potential of solar energy to increase the value of their real estate.

Our company has a strong connection with the local community in the Macedon Ranges region.

We work with a well-skilled and accredited team of in-house technicians to ensure your solar power installations are designed and installed to the highest standards possible.

Our products and services are priced competitively to ensure customers realise the highest ROI for their installations.

We provide you with a free on-site analysis and estimate for your project.

We work with the best product manufacturers to offer the most dependable and long-lasting solar power installation suitable for the Australian environmental setting.

We don’t believe in offering clients a ready-made solution for their solar energy needs. Instead, we customise each solution to fulfil the needs of each of our client's needs.

Our solar power systems are easy to install as each client is allocated a dedicated coordinator to organise the installation process, from start to finish.

Our Major Types of Solar Power Systems

We offer three major kinds of solar power systems. They are:


Grid Connected Systems


This is the most popular kind of solar energy system in Australia. It involves the installation of a series of rooftop solar panels. The solar panels generate power in DC form, and the inverters convert the power into a useful AC form that can be used to power appliances and electronics in your home.

Any extra solar energy is transmitted back into the grid. The solar system draws power from the grid during the night when the solar panels are not generating sufficient power. Note that the grid-connected solar power system does not have a backup battery system.

We encourage you to call us today and learn more about our grid-connected solar power installations.

Solar Power Installations with Batteries


The other name for this type of system is the hybrid system. It resembles the grid-connected solar power systems, except that it comes with a battery to store any extra energy.

The energy in the battery can be used during the night when the solar panels are not generating sufficient power. As this type of solar power system comes with a battery that functions as a backup energy supply, it is more common in areas that experience common power outages.

We encourage you to call Macedon Ranges Solar Power today to get more information on our hybrid solar power systems.


Off-Grid Solar Power Systems


This type of solar installation comes as a separate solar system without any connection to the power grid. The system is designed to rely on solar panels and backup for all its energy needs. As you would expect, this system is more expensive than a stand-alone solar power system as it lacks a power grid to provide backup power.

Planning the design and layout of the off-grid system is rather difficult. The design of this system is determined by your energy requirements, which implies that you must accurately determine your energy demand and control loads also. In addition, the system might require backup generators.

Fortunately, Macedon Ranges Solar Power is one of the most experienced installers of off-grid solar power systems. Call us today to get more information about the potential of high-quality and dependable off-grid solar power systems. 

Our Process of Installing Solar Power Systems

Step 1: Consultation with the Client

When you call us for the first time, our technical team will ensure they understand your energy requirements and provide answers to questions you may have. Upon understanding your energy requirements, our skilled team of technicians will study the data and examine the strategic areas of your roof to help in designing a specific system that addresses all your needs.

Step 2: Cost Estimation

You can rest assured that our experts will come up with a specific design that addresses all your energy requirements. In addition, the design must adhere to government laws to make it completely functional. Then, we will provide an estimate of the installation cost for the solar power system and offer a wide selection of options that are suitable and pocket-friendly for you.

Step 3: Inspect the Location

If you are satisfied with the cost estimate we have provided, our team will come to your property to inspect and identify any issues that may limit the installation process, like the condition of the electrical system and tree shading in the vicinity, among other issues. At the end of the site visit, we will provide you with a firm quote for the solar power installation project.

Step 4: Installation

After you have approved the final quote that we have provided, we will then apply for and obtain the necessary permits to proceed with the work. Our technical team works closely with your electricity retailer to make sure the installation process flows efficiently. Then, our team installs the solar system as efficiently and professionally as possible, while using only the highest quality materials during the installation process.

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