Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

A solar inverter is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who plans on using photovoltaic panels. These devices convert DC current from your solar panels into AC power so you can use the electricity generated for use around your home. Macedon Ranges Solar Power are experts when it comes to installing solar inverters so give us a call today and let us help you to maximise your solar energy set up.

What Is A Solar Inverter?

Inverters are an essential part of any solar power system. In fact, many in the solar energy industry consider inverters as the brains of the solar energy system. Typically housed in a box, the inverter’s primary function is to invert variable direct current (DC) produced by the solar panels into 240V alternating current (AC). Virtually all commercially available domestic appliances use AC standards, hence the need to convert the DC electricity produced by photovoltaic (PV) system into AC electricity.

Modern inverters have advanced technologically and now incorporate a wide range of features and functionalities. Depending on the make and model you purchase, smart inverters have additional capabilities such as advanced utility controls, data monitoring, advanced safety systems such as anti-islanding protection, and much more.

On the other hand, central inverters are designed to cater to the need of large solar power systems producing kilowatts or megawatts.

Purchasing The Best Solar Inverter

Solar inverters are the most complex part of a solar energy system and as such, they are usually the first part that fails in your solar power system. As such, your choice of inverter is critical to the efficiency and durability of your system. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration various critical factors about off-grid inverters, including the following:

1. Inverter Size / Capacity 

The size/capacity of your PV system will influence the size/capacity. You must buy an inverter that can handle the maximum power your solar array generates. The golden rule is to purchase an inverter whose maximum output capacity is at least 75% of the capacity of your solar array. Alternatively, your solar array capacity should not exceed 133% of your inverter capacity. 

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) established these constraints/guidelines to enhance the safety and efficiency of solar electricity generation in domestic settings. Additionally, your solar PV system must abide by these guidelines to qualify for rebates when installing solar panel systems. You must follow the guidelines to receive a Small-scale Technology Certificate as well.

As confusing as these ratings are, there is solid reasoning behind them. Solar panels are never 100% efficient. There are power losses within the solar array, which can be as much as 25% of the electricity the panel produces. As such, even when undersized within the established limits, your inverter will meet your needs.

2. What Type Of Inverter Meets Your Needs

The second consideration is the type of solar power inverter to buy. There are various types of inverters on the market, each with its benefits, demerits, and risks. The different types of solar inverters we have are:

  • String Inverters
  • Microinverters
  • Hybrid Inverters
  • Battery Inverters
  • Power Optimisers

The choice of the inverter will depend on your residential or commercial environment, the solar array you’ve bought, your budget, and much more. Our technicians and experts are always ready to help you make the right decision. Call Us Today!

3. The Solar Inverter Features 

There are numerous makes and models of inverters that come with a variety of features. As such, you should look into features that any inverter you want to purchase has. Standard features include weatherproofing (rated IP65 or better and anti-islanding protection). Other features inverters might come with include a display user interface, data-logging, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, and much more.

Buy a solar inverter with a combination of features that suits your lifestyle and makes it easy to use your solar array.

4. Compliance With Australian Standards 

Before you settle on an inverter, ensure the product is approved for use in Australia and complies with Australian standards (AS4777) established by the CEC

5. Brands And Warranties 

As buying an inverter is a long-term investment, it pays to buy a product from a brand renowned for quality and durability. We only stock the best inverters and very product in our product listing is a name-brand known for quality, sturdiness, efficiency, and, importantly, durability.

When it comes to warranties, the longer the warranty, the longer you’re protected. Generally, inverter retailers offer warranty periods of 8 to 10 years. However, it can range from as little as 5 years and as much as 12 years. 

Other retailers are offering a 5 + 5-year warranty. During the first five years, the warranty covered parts and labour, and during the second warranty period, the warranty only covers parts. Other retailers offer paid warranty extension services.

Benefits Of Solar Inverter Systems

PVs and solar inverter systems have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. They help you tap into a clean source of renewable energy. With the concerns over climate change increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives, converting to solar energy as our primary source of electricity helps play a part in curtailing climate change.

Another benefit of solar inverter systems is the ability to grid-tie your home’s solar array system with the utility grid. This allows you to feed the excess electricity your solar array produces into the utility grid, generating extra revenue in the process. There are no feasible means of offloading the excess electricity your solar array produces without the inverter system. You need an inverter to qualify for the feed-in tariff credit.

Depending on the system you choose, you can use solar energy to guard your household from power cuts. You don’t have to worry about power cuts when you have a battery inverter and a good energy storage system.

Best Solar Panel Inverter Solutions

Macedon Ranges Solar Power is your to-go-to retailer for some of the best brand-name inverters. Our number one focus is meeting our customer’s requirements, and we have a wide variety of inverters to meet all of your inverter needs. Whatever your specific needs might be, we have an inverter for you.

The Best Solar Inverters

Macedon Ranges Solar Power has been in the business of helping homeowners, and commercial enterprises install and maintain their solar energy systems. Over the years, we’ve amassed invaluable hands-on experience that can only come from working serving homeowners and businesses. We have an intricate understanding of the best solutions for different customers, cases, and environments.

Aside from experience, we prioritise providing customer-centric services. We go the extra mile to understand specific needs through site visits, ensuring we provide a competitive customised quote. If you’re looking to invest in solar, we are your one-stop shop for the best solar panel inverter solutions.

We provide solar panel inverts to people in the following suburbs: BallaratBendigoLancefieldKilmoreKynetonMalmsburyMeltonRiddells CreekRomseyWallan & Woodend.

Solar Inverter FAQs

Solar inverters are used to invert DC electricity to AC electricity so that you can then use the electricity to power every day household appliances.
The main component of an inverter is a transformer. The transformer inverts the variable direct current that solar panels generate to alternating current 240V current that you can use in your house.
The kind of inverter you need will depend on the size of your solar array, whether you use a solar battery, the installation location, and much more.
The price of an inverter will depend on its size and brand. For an accurate quote, call us today, and we’ll make arrangements for our technicians to come to your property and evaluate your solar power system.

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